Scrat – the finale

Scrat holding his beloved nut

For (ice) ages, our little friend Scrat has been trying to find a good place for his nut. Many times over in the Ice Age movies, we’ve laughed our asses off over the adventures of this little saber-toothed squirrel.

Recently, the team behind the Ice Age movies (Blue Sky Studios) released a short final farewell to our friend’s adventures.

Scrat and his nut, the proper sendoff by Blue Sky Studios

In my, not so humble, opinion, the Ice Age movies are amongst the best animated movies ever. Their unique combination of story-telling, modern-day dilemmas, and loads and loads of multi-layered humor is just so pleasant to watch.

And with this sendoff, Scrat is finall… ok, I’m not spoiling. Go watch the movie yourself!

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